our mission + Manifesto

We stand in awe of the power of women in community and seek to tap into that connection on a daily basis.

We handcraft organic skincare and aromatherapy products for wholehearted, badass women who care about quality and integrity.

We believe that when we are mindful, a simple act like taking a whiff of an essential oil can become a healing practice of gratitude and self care.

We are dedicated to creating safe, effective products for you using the highest quality organic, wildcrafted and local ingredients.

We vow to use NO CREEPY STUFF like hormone-disrupting parabens, petroleum distillates, synthetic fillers or fragrances.  Learn more about why in our blog.


our history


Root Down  
Rise Up

Grow Love



Root Down deeply with practices that nourish your soul.

Rise Up and speak the truth in your heart.

Grow Love by widening the circle of compassion around you. Include yourself in this circle.

My name is Ann Braden.  My motto is Root Down, Rise Up, Grow Love.

 In 2011, a breast cancer diagnosis changed many things in my life. As part of my recovery, I sought out ways to decrease the toxic load in my life, which meant changing out most of the contents in my bath, shower and makeup bag. Along the way I began making my own scrubs, butters and deodorant with high-quality organic ingredients and none of the creepy stuff I was trying so hard to avoid.

This is how Lovetree Essentials was born. 

While I will never say that cancer was a gift, it has changed me. To paraphrase a line from Wicked, I hope that I've been changed for the better, and I know I've been changed for good. Existing relationships have deepened and I have made lifelong friends with inspiring women I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.

I make my products for wholehearted, badass, inspiring women. Women who have been through some shit and who may be building a new life from the ashes of their previous life. Women who may not know how courageous they are.

My two favorite programs that help women learn, grow and transform their lives after a cancer diagnosis are Courageous Women Fearless Living (CWFL.org) and the Foundation for Living Beauty (livingbeauty.org). I am honored to participate in programs offered by both of these amazing groups.

When I'm not making products or teaching yoga, I like to sing along with my favorite playlists (completely nuts for George Ezra at the moment) and snuggle with our rescue family of three dogs and a kitten.

May you and your family be happy, healthy, peaceful & free.