Pamper and Restore Gift Set

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Pamper and Restore Gift Set


Value: $44

Pamper and restore with our Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Polish, Goddess Facial Toner + Refresher, and Himalayan Rose Body Butter.

Set Comes With:
(1) 8oz Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Polish
(1) 4 oz Goddess Facial Toner and Refresher
(1) 1 oz Himalayan Rose Body Butter

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Our most popular scrub leaves skin glowing, smooth, and hydrated. Sugar scrubs are gentler on the skin than salt scrubs. And, sugar's alphahydroxy acid helps cleanse and slough off dead skin cells. Leaving your skin luxuriously moisturized and smooth.

Follow this scrub with our Customer Favorite Goddess Facial Toner and Refresher. It features a calming blend of essential oils to balance emotions and cool the skin. This light mist can be used as a toner for your face, body, and even in a room for a divine pick me up.

Lavender is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and is commonly used as a healing agent in creams, lotions, and salves. Clary sage is used in many skin care products for its cooling properties as well as to balance emotions.

Our incredibly moisturizing body butter creates a protective barrier around your skin to soften and restore your skin’s natural elasticity. A solar infusion of organic chamomile flowers in jojoba oil contributes calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea Butter protects and soothes the skin and is a great choice for damaged or scarred skin as well as dry or rough spots.