Relax and Unwind Spa Set

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Relax and Unwind Spa Set


Value: $60

Create a spa day at home with this trio. A relaxing bath, refreshing toner and luxurious body butter unwinds stress and nourishes her with organic, clean ingredients.

Set Comes With:

(1) 4oz Rosewater Toner
(1) 8oz Himalayan Rose Soaking Salts
(1) 2 oz Himalayan Rose Body Butter

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Organic Bulgarian rose essential oil and a hint of Australian sandalwood are the foundation of one of our most popular scent blends. Natural minerals and pure essential oils melt away your tension and restore your soul. Epsom salts do wonders for sore muscles. Himalayan Salt naturally contains 84 beneficial minerals for the body.

Our Rosewater Facial Toner is perfect for all skin types. Rose has a gently persuasive way with skin, is balancing and moisturizing, works well in acne blends and helps skin heal. It is especially helpful for damaged, mature and aging skin.

Our incredibly moisturizing body butter creates a protective barrier around your skin to soften and restore your skin’s natural elasticity. A solar infusion of organic chamomile flowers in jojoba oil contributes calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea Butter protects and soothes the skin and is a great choice for damaged or scarred skin as well as dry or rough spots.